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Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

This Proverb is not only incredibly insightful, but it is the charter verse for Hawthorne Christian Academy. Tonight my wife and I attended an open house for my daughter’s preschool. What makes this unique and special is that the school is my alma mater. I attended Hawthorne Christian from Kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade. It was an out-of-body experience walking around the grounds and walking into my old classrooms.

When we are young, we don’t think about things like, “Where will my kids go to school?” We want to be done with school so bad as children – we can’t wait to grow up and move on. I also got to see my first grade teacher and my high school art teacher. It is a fun moment to see their blank look when I say hi, become a wide-eyed, look of amazement. They are so thrilled to see old students and especially old students who are sending their kids to Hawthorne. I bumped into a guy I went to high school with and he and his wife are sending their daughter to preschool in the fall as well. As we were talking and I was reminiscing, I was recounting stories and memories and discovered that I have a pretty great memory. In high school gym class, I broke John’s nose playing soccer. I thought for sure he’d remember – I know I did!

I have a lot of fond memories of my school days and I recognize the value of not only a fantastic education in a college prep school, but a Christian education that taught me how to be a responsible steward of what God has blessed us all with. I do my best to train up my children in the way they should go and I pray that when they are old, they will not walk away from it. Or if they do walk away, that they find their way back. I am so excited to see what my daughter learns as she starts school in the fall and I thank God that I had the blessing of an education that has stayed with me and continues. I am thankful for the individuals who felt called to pour into my life and the lives of all the other students at Hawthorne. The return on that investment is eternal.


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